Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Up-cycled Clothing Swap

One of us comes to life when it comes to hospitality, creatively making the old new and engaging woman from all sorts of backgrounds. Yep, you guessed it, Harry.

Hopefully you caught my humor there (if not, we need to talk) and know these gifts describe my wife, Janny. Recently Janny hosted an "up-cycled clothing swap." What is this you may ask? Bunches of woman (young and "seasoned") come together with clothes they otherwise would have thrown away, categorize them and go "shopping" for each others old clothes! The old becomes new and all sorts of cool connections are made.

My mom also happened to be in town as our little house was the space for an opportunity to connect with many of the women from NieuCommunities, other friends and neighbors. The theme of "up-cycling" has become common place among our community as one of the families on staff with NieuCommunities recently opened a store in our neighborhood called Make Good. They sell up-cycled goods (goods that otherwise would have been thrown away) that have been transformed into creative art/clothing/goods, while employing around 30 artists from San Diego and Tijuana.

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